This 2nd Grader Raised Money For Classmates Who Cannot Afford Lunch

There is no need to be an adult for being kind. Kindness can reside in the heart of young people as well and they can also perform the act of kindness. And, this fact is proved by a 2nd grader girl named Emauni J Manley. Emauni J Manley is just a 7-year-old girl with a kind heart and is studying in grade 2nd. One day she noticed some of her classmates are not able to afford lunches and thus she took action to help them afford the lunch at school.


Manley, after learning about some of her classmates not being able to afford lunch immediately took action to raise money in order to help them. She via the internet services, creates an online fundraiser for making her classmates and other students like them afford lunches in their school. Seeing her kind activity, several hundreds of people support her and help her raise money for a good purpose.


While in her interview with NBC, Manley reported that she noticed some of her classmates having only the cheese sandwich in their lunch. This made her disappointed and thus she consulted with her mom. Her mom then told her that they cannot afford money to pay for the lunch account. This is how Manley finally decided to help her classmates and raise money to pay for their lunch account.

Emauni J’s mother also supported her in this kind of activity. They both start fundraising on Facebook for paying the unpaid lunch account of as many students as they can. They initially targeted to raise $800, but to their expectations, within a week, the raised fund reached more than $4300.


For Emauni J’s kind effort, her school principal named Ben Harrington also appreciates her saying that it is cool and relaxing to see a 7-year-old young girl making efforts to help other of her classmates. Harrington further expressed his grievance that despite the school’s much effort, only 100 out of 500 students are receiving alternate lunches. Further, Emauni J, who also published a book on Positive self-image when she was just 5 years old, is making more efforts and hoping for more money so that she can help more of her classmates.