Five Friends Saved $50 Per Week To Purchase Their First Investment Property After 2 Years

The African proverb “IF you want to go fast, go alone If you want to go far, go together” absolutely resonated with the story of Najee Hannigan and his four friends. Najee Hannigan is a 26-year-old Philadelphia-based entrepreneur and is a founder and co-owner of Childcare extraordinary Scholars Academy.

Image Credit: FOX29

He came up with a plan two years back to change not only his life but the life of his closest family as well as friends. Two years back in 2017, Najee Hannigan devised a plan with his two younger cousins namely 23-year-old Meqai Herder and 23-year-old Ahmid Hill, and two of his long-time friends namely 26-year-old Tyree Harvey and 26-year-old Darius Jacobs.

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He encouraged both of his cousins and his friends to save $50 every week or $200 every month and pool them collectively to invest all this money in something big. It was his idea for both of his two cousins and two friends to save $50 every week or $200 every month and then to put all the money in purchasing their first investment.


The efforts paid off and they succeed in saving enough money for purchasing their first real estate property investment. While in the interview, Najee Hannigan mentioned the most challenging part of his plan and said that he faced many challenges in explaining to his cousins and friends that the time will pass no matter whether they invest something for their benefit or not.


Understanding the fact that the time will go regardless, they invest or keep wasting the time, and thus the group saved as per the plan for two years. After two years, they managed to accumulate a sufficient amount of money and purchased their first real estate property which they are planning to restore before they rent it out. The group now has set up their property management company as well with the home to buy more properties in the future.


Najee Hannigan mentioned his gratitude to both of his cousins and friends to trust him despite their initial doubts and help him making the plan fruitful. The moral of the story is that one should never give up and identify the people they can trust on. People should not waste their time arguing on the dumb stuff instead should plan for something bigger. Sacrificing some of the clothes or cable in the initial years can help them get in the position to have these things for a lifetime.